Kim Junghoon’s Wedding (SJ’s manager-PrinceManager )

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leader #2 watches the MC pass the award in his direction, and he gets this happy little smile on his face and reaches his hand out to grab it, only to realize it was getting passed to leader #1. leader #1 notices #2’s old leading instinct, looks up and smiles, and hands him the award to hold and to say the thank you speech for their 4th win


Super Junior’s rolling paper

{ Rest in peace to the two talented and beautiful angels of Ladies’ Code, Rise and EunB. Two lives that were taken way too soon. The skies have called for your presence and I hope you watch over us well. This is just so heartbreaking and I hope we can all band together to get through this tragedy with steady hearts. }



I can only continue to sing because I am Super Junior. It is the place where all my dreams come true.

Happy birthday to our Cloud Prince and Art-like Voice!

the challenge has reached korea

Super Junior MAMACITA on Music Core next week

Super Junior MAMACITA Teasers

Faces of Kim Jongwoon

[OFFICIAL] Super Junior ‘MAMACITA’ Teaser Set 3 (cr)


1. It’s okay to cry if you’ve been strong for a really long time.



2. You can be sarcastic, sharp-tongued and a diva. But always stand up for your friends.



3. Nice guys win the hearts of everyone.



4. Embrace your differences; it’s what makes you…